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Fat Acceptance

Chelsea Fagan, on Thought Catalog:

Going through blogs and websites for fat acceptance, one sees endless pictures of women and men smiling and showing off a body they’ve long been told to hide and be ashamed of. It’s a beautiful thing, and a wonderful way to feel better and more comfortable about yourself, as well. But then there are some pictures — and they’re not incredibly rare — which display people of extreme, morbidly obese size: 400, 500, 600 pounds. This is riding, of course, under the same banner as a young girl in a size-16 prom dress who is active and healthy and wants a safe place to show a picture where she looks beautiful. But the former are people who share this title, who also work for fat acceptance, and are by any and all standards putting themselves in grave medical danger.

Not totally endorsing the article, but I think the main thrust is right: the fat acceptance movement should acknowledge a distinction between healthy and unhealthy bodies. While there perhaps should be less social stigma attached to being extremely overweight, it’s ridiculous to imply that all body sizes are equally preferable. Both extremes are dangerous, and impose significant costs on the person and on the rest of society.