A recent transplant to DC, after spending 4 years in New York. BA in Economics from NYU. A geek and a nerd, of the type that thinks there’s a meaningful difference between the two. Avid fan of good TV, good argument, good beer, good food. Wannabe mixologist.

My most active commentary on the world of policy, etc. is my Twitter. If you follow me only one place, that’s the one to pick. This blog covers pretty much anything that strikes my fancy, usually stuff related to policy, politics, law, philosophy, etc. I work at the New America Foundation, where I blog about health policy, and I have a men’s style blog/photodump at kiltandbowtie.tumblr.com. Obviously, anything that I post on Twitter, Tumblr, or WordPress is my own rambling, and is not endorsed by the New America Foundation.

This blog is not the final arbiter of truth in the universe; similarly, it is not the final arbiter of my opinions. If I do this thing right, I will occasionally post opinions that turn out, on further examination, to be indefensible, stupid, poorly-reasoned, ignorant, offensive, overstated, and the like. I will make an effort to post corrections and updates when appropriate, but no guarantees. As xkcd put it, “You don’t use science to show that you’re right, you use science to become right.” I will hold myself to that standard, and to those who help me become right, thank you.


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